Our Specialists

David Chen, DO

Dr. Chen, the newest member of the Neuroaxis physician team, is a detail-oriented neurosurgeon serving patients on Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. He received his fellowship training in Spine Surgery from Stanford, and specializes in the latest state-of-the art and minimally invasive procedures to treat spine pain, degeneration and trauma.

Richard W. Johnson, MD, FACS

One of the region’s leading experts in spinal neurosurgery with a fellowship in Spinal Instrumentation, Dr. Johnson is Chief of Neurosurgery at St. Francis Hospital on Long Island. Under Dr. Johnson’s leadership, St. Francis Hospital has been ranked in U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s top 50 hospitals for neurosurgery.

Ricky Madhok, MD

Rick Madhok, MD is a Neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of primary brain tumors, metastatic tumors, meningiomas, endoscopic surgery, skull base and pituitary surgery, stereotactic surgery, radiosurgery, minimally invasive spine surgery and treatment of cervical and lumbar herniated discs.

John I. Miller, MD, FACS

Named a top neurosurgeons by New York Magazine, Dr. Miller is the widely-published Chief and Director of Neurosurgical Specialty Care Center at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center and Chief of Neurosurgery at NYU Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn. He specializes in the triage and management of trauma affecting the brain and spine, and has had additional specialty training in pediatric neurosurgery.

Sai Murthy, DO

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Nicholas Post, MD, FACS

Dr. Post is NYU fellowship-trained in Complex Spinal Disorders, and specializes in spine deformities, degenerative disorders and tumors, in addition to cerebrovascular disorders and skull base surgeries. He is Director of Neurosurgical Trauma at NYU-Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, is widely published, and is a perennial presenter of important research at professional meetings across the country.